Political Endorsements Announced

16 October 2017

"The New York Progressive Action Network and its local affiliate, Principled Progressives of Orange County, have endorsed Democrat Patrick Davis for Orange County executive"


Contrasting Candidates Seek Orange County's Top Job

15 October 2017

"Davis vows to bring more transparency to county government, arguing that too many decisions are made behind closed doors by an “inner circle” of Republican leaders. 'This is what happens,” he says, “when a single party runs your county for decades.'"


Democratic Orange County Exec Candidate gains Momentum

13 October 2017

"Davis spoke Thursday night at the opening of the Middletown City Democratic Committee campaign headquarters. 'I am getting tremendous feedback from across the county as I go and I meet voters,' he said. 'I think they are fed up with the political status quo in the county. They want to see new, fresh leadership and they want to see leaders with a strategy and vision for how to move things forward.' Davis said Democrats in Orange County have the registration advantage and this year, it’s a matter of getting them out to vote."


PAT DAVIS Endorsed by Latino democratic committee

13 October 2017

"The Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County is proud to endorse Patrick Davis to be Orange County Executive. Pat has served his country on the battlefield and is now ready to serve as a leader in county government."


CPV Opponents urge orange county legislature to pass resolutions

2 October 2017

“I want to make it extremely clear that when voters in Orange County show up to the polls  on November 7 this year, that they’re electing a new county executive in me, Pat Davis, that is against CPV on the basis of the impact of health and safety of the residents of Orange County,” Davis says. 



15 September 2017

Today, FERC announced their decision to override the NYSDEC’s ruling that denied the final permits required to operationalize the CPV plant.   DEC denied the permit because CPV had not done the required due diligence in their review of potential environmental hazards, thereby placing families, farmers and the natural beauty of Orange County at risk...


Introducing Zero Based Budgeting

29 September 2017

I am excited to introduce one of my top priorities- implementing Zero Based Budgeting into the County's budget process. It's the right thing to do to increase transparency and create a culture of cost management in the County Government...


denial of permit for CPV plant

1 September 2017

"...Democratic candidate Pat Davis applaud[s] the state’s decision to deny a crucial permit for the gas pipeline that would supply the Competitive Power Ventures plant being built in Wawayanda, a major setback for that $900 million project and a victory for the environmentalists who have doggedly fought it..."


Munroe needs to control its own destiny

30 August 2017

"In light of the proposed incorporation of the new Town of Palm Tree, Orange County needs its elected officials to assume stronger public leadership.  As a candidate for Orange County Executive, and a citizen of the Town of Monroe, Patrick Davis urges the County Legislature to give the residents of Monroe the opportunity to be in control of their own destiny."


democratic challenger pat davis visits valley view

22 August 2017

"Pat Davis, the Democratic challenger in this year's race for Orange County executive, visits the monthly family council meeting at Valley View, the county-owned nursing home in Goshen"


Why I'm Running for County Executive

15 August 2017

"Orange County has played a prominent role in our nation’s history from the very beginning. It is home to George Washington’s Revolutionary War Headquarters and the United States Military Academy at West Point- two places which constantly remind us of the sacrifices made in the formation and defense of our nation and which provide us a source of leadership and hope for the future...."

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Group that backs vet candidates endorses Davis

31 July 2017

"Calling him a servant leader who will help rebuild the public’s trust in government, New Politics endorsed Democrat Patrick Davis in his bid for Orange County. Founded in 2013, New Politics built its success by identifying national service alumni and military veterans to run for public office..."


West Point grad to run against Neuhaus for OC exec

30 May 2017, Times Herald-Record

"A West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran who works in the finance industry emerged on Tuesday as the candidate who plans to challenge Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus for election in November..."