Pat Davis is proud to have earned the endorsements of national and local leaders, prominent national organizations, and local groups 

congressman sean patrick maloney (D-18)


Congressman Maloney represents New York’s 18th District, which includes all of Orange County, and currently serves on the House Agriculture Committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  Representative Maloney has a proven track record of working to deliver solutions for Orange County and the Hudson Valley.

"Pat Davis and the rest of the Democratic slate are just the kind of new leaders we need to shake things up in Orange County,” said Representative Maloney. “These folks will fight to bring good-paying jobs and opportunity to our families and I'm proud to endorse them."



Comptroller DiNapoli has been a committed public servant for many years, serving as a New York State Assemblyman for two decades before first being elected State Comptroller by a bi-partisan majority of the State Legislature back in 2007. He went on to be elected Comptroller by New York voters in 2010, and was re-elected in 2014. During his time in office, Comptroller DiNapoli has focused on better, more efficient budgeting across New York State. He has pushed reforms to eliminate deficits, cap state debt, and to ensure any savings are put into a “rainy day fund”.

“Orange County deserves a leader who has a vision to move the County forward,” said Comptroller DiNapoli of the endorsement, “I believe Pat has the talent and energy to fill that role. With his business background and military experience, Mr. Davis is well-equipped to start making decisions that will benefit the people of Orange County in the long-term.”

New York state Assemblyman James Skoufis

Assemblyman James Skoufis represents New York’s 99th District, and was re-elected to a third term in the 2016 election last year by Orange and Rockland County residents.

“Pat Davis is an American hero and he should be our next County Executive. It takes honor, guts, and tremendous sacrifice to serve two tours in Iraq. Combined with his financial background and unmatched integrity, he’s my unquestionable choice for the job. I look forward to partnering with him on behalf of Orange County.”


Assemblyman Skartados is a proven problem solver representing NY District 104, and was re-elected for a third time in November 2016. Skartados opened his only district office here in Orange County in 2012, and from there has worked tirelessly to bring economic development, jobs and tourism to the region. 

"I am endorsing Pat Davis for Orange County Executive because he will bring a special brand of professionalism and leadership to the office. His background as a West Point graduate and Master's at the world renowned Wharton Business School makes Pat a reliable leader capable of moving Orange County towards innovative solutions and operational efficiencies. Pat loves this County and I can't think of anyone who will work as hard and as smart as he will for the people who live here", said Assemblyman Skartados of his decision to endorse.


New Politics is a bipartisan organization dedicated to helping qualified military veterans and public service alumni run for office. Founded by City Year alum Emily Cherniak in 2013, New Politics works to inject new talent into the electoral process by recruiting promising, service-minded leaders to run for office.

“Pat Davis comes from a background of service and sacrifice, and our political system needs more leaders like him, who have dedicated their lives in service to their country and community,” says Emily, “At a time when the public’s trust in government is at an all-time low, servant leaders like Davis will help restore faith in our institutions by putting citizens first and holding government accountable.”

Orange county democratic women

Orange County Democratic Women works to create more equitable representation for women in government on all levels of the Democratic parties. OCDW also seeks to ensure that women’s issues are properly represented- and women’s rights protected- by our local, state, and federal governing bodies and elected officials.

OCDW raises funds, holds events, enrolls voters, and works to call attention to both local and national issues of interest and relevance to Democratic women.

 OCDW members marching

OCDW members marching

 Pat Davis with LDCOC members

Pat Davis with LDCOC members

Latino democratic committee of orange county 

The Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County (LDCOC) works to develop the political strength of the local Latino community by promoting political engagement, registering voters, and increasing awareness of local issues and candidates.

“The LDCOC is about coming up with solutions.  We are extremely encouraged by Pat’s vision for Orange County,” says LDCOC Chair Sonya Ayala,  “In a time when politics and politicians seem to build divides, Pat has brought a positive and forward looking agenda that will help not only those in the Latino community, but for all residents of Orange County.”

votevets logo.png

With over 500,000 supporters nationwide, VoteVets works to amplify the political voices of veterans across the country. Since 2006, VoteVets has raised over $30 million to support political candidates who speak to the needs of America’s veterans.

“We at VoteVets are always thrilled to see veterans like Pat continuing to serve after the uniform,” says VoteVets Chairman Jon Soltz, “In these turbulent political times, our veterans, communities, and country needs leaders like him who will put the country first.”

314 logo.jpg

314 Action

314 Action is committed to electing STEM candidates to office in order to fight the Trump administration’s attacks on established science. The group was founded by Democratic campaign veterans who became concerned by the lack of scientific knowledge among political operatives around the country. 

“We are delighted for the opportunity to elect a STEM candidate in this race, and look forward to working with Pat,” said 314 Action Executive Director Joshua Morrow. “We’re excited to endorse his campaign and looking forward to working with him on this campaign and beyond.”

New York Progressive Action Network


Orange County Executive candidate Pat Davis was pleased to accept the endorsement of the New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN), as well as their local affiliate Principled Progressives of Orange County (PPOC). NYPAN works to ensure that progressive voices are heard and progressive candidates elected statewide. Its work has emphasized the importance of universal healthcare, supporting labor unions, building a green economy, and ending pay-to-play corruption in politics on the local and federal level.

“We believe that Davis is the best candidate to advance the public interest and to address the entrenched corruption that has made Orange County a sacrifice zone for Albany's pay to play deals," says PPOC co-Chair Roger Brennan. "We need leadership with the courage, integrity, and honor that Davis has already demonstrated as an Iraq war veteran. Orange County needs bold vision and new direction. Orange County needs Patrick Davis as our next County Executive.”