Patrick Davis is a third generation combat veteran committed to service. Patrick's Orange County roots trace back to his grandparents settling in Newburgh to start a family after returning from the front lines of World War II.  In the image of his grandparents, he and his wife Alexis, both Army veterans of the War in Iraq, also settled in Orange County to start their family after leaving the service.  They are now proudly raising their two young boys in Monroe.

After meeting Alexis and graduating with honors from West Point, Patrick served two combat tours in Iraq for a total of 27 months. Soon after hat toss at Michie Stadium, Patrick was on the front lines as a platoon leader responsible for leading daily combat patrols between Balad and Samarra, along one of the most heavily attacked portions of Iraq’s main supply route.  Later, Patrick served as the lead logistics officer of a 600-person Army Cavalry unit which fought alongside Marines in Ramadi and Fallujah. In the Army, he learned to operate knowing that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

After he and Alexis left the military as Captains, Patrick followed the sounds of the battle yet again—into the fight to pick up our economy’s pieces after greed and lack of accountability created the worst economic crisis in generations. Working for top tier business consulting and accounting firms, Patrick helped design and implement innovative solutions to identify non-compliant behavior, reduce conflicts of interest, and curb excess in many of the world’s largest financial institutions.  During this time, Patrick also earned his Master’s in Business Administration from The Wharton School.

At a time when elected officials seem to be turning their backs on the very people who elected them, Patrick is running for Orange County Executive to ensure that government is working on behalf of all the people rather than a select few.  He will leverage his business and leadership experience to work with others to increase transparency and accountability in the government, fight the opioid epidemic, protect our beautiful natural environment, and attract well-paying jobs to our area.